Location: Acorn Plaza
#360-2300 Carrington RD. West Kelowna, BC

At our West Kelowna Dental Office, we deliver a range of dentistry services in a caring and comfortable setting. We offer the following:

1. Sedation Dentist in West Kelowna
2. Bridges in West Kelowna
3. Root Canal in West Kelowna
4. White Composite Fillings in West Kelowna

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You can learn here about how to increase your chances of having a comfortable and successful dental appointment:

1. What is causing pain in one of my teeth?
2. Common Causes of Tooth Loss
3. What do I do about a cracked tooth?
4. Common Causes of Tooth Erosion

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Our dental office is in West Kelowna, BC. We have built a new state of the art facility to bring you the best in comfort and safety.

Our caring staff is knowledgeable and highly skilled. We are very proud of the top-quality services we provide.

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